New Kentruck Electric High Lifter

kentruck-hex-electric-high-lifter-600x600– Can be used as a pallet truck, with the added benefit of also being an ideal work positioner, designed to reduce fatigue and increase operator safety
– When raised, the truck locks itself to the floor with extended outriggers, this along with a long wheel base makes it particularly stable
– Capacity 1000kg
– Standard Fork Length: 1170mm
– Standard Fork Widths : 540mm + 680mm
– Maximum lift height 800mm – 200mm diameter nylon steer wheels and load rollers
– Single housing holds the pump / motor and heavy duty 12v / 60ah battery
– Includes easy to use automatic 12v / 10ah battery charger
– Automatic brake when forks raised above 330mm
– Stainless Steel versions available, check category of High Lift Pallet Trucks – Kentruck


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