Work Positioner Kentruck RTILTSS Stainless Tilting

Lift, carry and tilt crates and boxes up to 90° Work Positioner

kentruck--work-positionerRTILT SS-Semi, Stainless Steel Tilting Work Positioner
Capacity 1000kg
Lift Height of 275mm
– Developed for environments where severe hygiene is needed on the surfaces that are in direct contact with the goods being handled, e.g. meat, fish or medicine
– Carry, lift and tilt crates and boxes up to 90°, and the working height can be varied
– The handle can be turned to the side and locked, so that the user has free access to the contents of the crate or box without having to bend down or stretch up in both standing and sitting work positions
– Optimum safety for the user through central location of all control buttons on the handle, transparent and impact-resistant safety screen on the mast and location of the parking brakef


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